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The Prescott Real Estate Group is a commercial real estate development company based in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The company began in 1986 when the Baylor family purchased the Reitz Farm in Lewisburg and created the Brookpark Farm residential and commercial development. Through the years, the company has evolved and today specializes in leasing commercial offices, retail spaces, and residential units in Brookpark Farm and Lewisburg.


New Brewery opens in Brookpark Farm, Lewisburg June 2020

The Prescott Real Estate Group designed and built this new brewery working closely with the owners in this joint real estate venture.
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Limestone Crossing

Suites in Lewisburg ranging in size from 1100–1200 square feet

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Spring Run

Suites ranging in size from 600–3600 square feet


Brookpark Station

Suites ranging in size from 600–3200 square feet


Brookpark Farm

Buildings ranging in size from 800–10000 square feet


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